Glen Gittelson DDS

Glen GittelsonDr. Gittelson graduated from Emory University’s School of Dentistry in 1983. He is the founder and director of The Center for Implant Prosthetic Education and Training, which offers lecture and hands on courses on the science of occlusion and implant prosthetics.Dr. Gittelson also lectures nationally and internationally on the art and science of implant prosthetics and occlusion.Dr. Gittelson is a Fellow of the ICOI and an affiliate member of the International College of Prosthodontists. He was the 2002 recipient of the Dr. Charles E. English award, for the most clinically relevant article published in the Journal Implant Dentistry. He maintains a private practice in Merrick, New York.




Description of Course Presentation

Implants and Occlusion: this two-day lecture/hands on seminar will cover the Science of Implant Supported Fixed for Cement Prosthetics. With Science, you never have to guess!

Topics covered in detail include:

  • The proper thought process to follow when diagnosing and treatment planning an implant supported reconstruction, from single tooth to full arch type cases.
  • How implant supported reconstructions fail, and how to avoid their failure.
  • The significance of diagnostic wax ups, CAT-scans and surgical implant placement guides.
  • The difference between how implants vs. natural teeth respond to occlusal forces.
  • Step by step procedures (from impression to delivery) for fabricating an implant supported, fixed for cement prosthesis, from single tooth to full arch type cases.
  • Proper occlusal adjustments, from single tooth to full arch type cases. How to create an “implant protective occlusal scheme”
  • Proper use of a semi-adjustable articulator and face bow and why it is so important to use one.
  • The significance of centric relation, from a diagnostic and reconstructive point of view.
  • Esthetics- How to make the final prosthesis look natural.
  • Post-op care….The first year is critical.
  • Detailed clinical case presentations, demonstrating all of the above topics.
  • Implant prosthetic complications – what to do.
  • Fees- How to determine a proper fee per individual case.
  • The hands on part of this seminar will allow attendees to:
  • On models, fabricate implant supported provisionals with proper occlusal contours and adjustments.
  • Take face bows on course attendees
  • Review and practice bi-manual manipulation on course attendees. (necessary for proper occlusal adjustments)
  • Take open and closed tray implant level impressions on models
  • Review implant system components