Oral Sedation Course

Course Description

Dr. Tony Feck has established himself as one of the premier educators on conscious sedation in dentistry. He has taught thousands of dentists in hundreds of courses internationally successful methods to safely and effectively treat the high-fear patient. In addition to being an innovative educator, Dr. Feck continues to use the methods he teaches in his private practice. Come learn from one of the masters, the art and science of oral sedation dentistry.


Sedation dentistry provides an ideal environment for the ultimate in a relaxed dental experience. Patients remember little of the appointment and feel as though hours are mere minutes. With oral sedation dentistry, both your most frightened patients and extensive appointments are transformed into the best visits - for both your patient and you.  Even with patients who have little fear of dentistry, treating a sedated patient allows you to perform  higher quality  dentistry, and more of it per unit time, making it an ideal adjunct to placing dental implants.

       Topics and learning objectives include:

  1. The promise of sedation dentistry - realize the untapped potential for you and your patients
  2. Sedation science - learn what you need to know in a simple, straightforward format
  3. Airway maintenance and management - learn how to protect your patient from the greatest risk introduced by sedation
  4. Monitoring the sedation patient - at all times know your patient's most important physiological parameters
  5. Patient selection - as with any discipline, choosing the right patient to treat is the key to success
  6. Sedation protocols - learn the most successful methods for ultimate safety and comfort
  7. Special populations - learn how certain patients should alter your sedation treatment plan
  8. Sedation systems - from the phone call to completion of treatment, learn how to successfully implement sedation into your practice

Location & Dates

Seminole, FL

July 29 and 30, 2017


Doctors $1495

Staff $395

CE Credits

16 credit hours

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement (6/1/2008) to (5/31/2022)