"Dear Rick,
I wanted to thank you again for a great course. You have a wonderful team and all of you have made this an amazing educational expereince. I expect it to propel me through the second half of my career. I hope to see you at future events."
Neal Solar, DMD, Clearwater, FL
"I just want to thank you for the beautiful and informative presentation we had yesterday at 3D planning and execution course. You are an amazing person and a wonderful teacher. We need more educators like you to lift the standards of education beyond financial interests. I am planing to integrate what I learned from you into my practice so my patients can benefit from practicing implant dentistry at higher level."
Tarek Assi, DMD, Coral Springs, FL 2016

"I would like to thank you for all your help and mostly for giving me the confidence to undertake something as difficult as this case. This course was the most interesting, well organized and well taught of all the courses I've taken over my dental career. Thanks again."


Wesley Cowan, DMD, Tampa, FL 2015


"This course is like no other I have ever seen. The personal care the instructors have for us is unparalleled. You are supremely knowledgeable but are so williing to help us gain a bit of this with humility. Thank you is just not enough."

Melissa Rosello, DDS, Orlando, FL 2014


"This Implant CE course has been the best investment I have made in my office since opening in 2008. Thank you!"

Sean Gassett, DMD, Apollo Beach, FL 2014


"Today I did my first sinus lift in my office!  Thank you Implant Educators (Dr. Rick & Dr. Arthur).  Without your guidance and the experience I would have never done this procedure in my office.  Implant Educators has truly expanded my dental horizon and I am thankful. Fully pneumatized sinus, lateral window procedure , lifted and filled ,  (2) implants placed at time of surgery will restore in 6 months.  Just like the masters taught us, Kudos and thank you."

Terry Zervos DDS, Dunedin, FL  2014 


"I just finished my first edentulous mandibular case placing 4 implants. It went smoothly, and I give you guys credit for supplying me with the education to perform such a procedure. Thank you again."

Edward Busch, DMD, Seminole, FL 2014


"Thanks to taking your course, I have placed approximately 30-35 implants and I am enjoying the restorative options implants offer my patients."

William J. Kinzler, DDS, MAGD, FICOI.  Seminole, FL 2011


"I picked this Implant course from the many that are available because of its published curriculum and the promise of it being comprehensive both academically and practically. From day one it has not failed to deliver everything promised and much more. For anyone intending in becoming more knowledgeable about the surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry and achieving the confidence to carry out either, or both, this course delivers. The directors have put together a great faculty and each is genuinely interested in empowering the attendees to learn and explore their abilities so they can provide better care for their patients. While I am very comfortable restoring implants, the course has given me the ability to identify the surgeries I can do and the confidence to actually carry them out, even before the course was finished. I am very happy I chose Implant Educators, I think it is of great value and would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to provide high quality implant care to their patients."

Jiten Master (Prosthodontist) Clearwater, FL 2012


“Just wanted to say thank you for a great course. Thanks to you, yesterday I did an extraction and an immediate implant on tooth #8. Just saw him for post op and he had no pain. This morning I did my first guided surgery case on a very healthy older patient. Went perfectly! Tomorrow, I'm taking an impression for 5 implants on another patient. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great course.”

Josh Bernstein, DDS San Francisco, CA Comprehensive Course Graduate, May 2011



“The team at Implant Educators are knowledgeable and will give you the proper foundation to enter the world of Dental Implants confidently. The length of the course allows proper assimilation of the material and allows you to start and finish treatment while still enrolled...”

Nadia O'Neal DMD Clearwater, FL


“Dr. Ferguson and his team are always available to help when we need it. They have made it possible for me to incorporate implants into my practice in a big way....”

L. Craig Alford DMD Charleston, SC


“Before taking this course I thought that I would have to travel abroad to gain more hands on experience placing implants. I feel confident with this course that I can implement my skills and place implant in my practice right away.”

Kaya Aygen DMD.   Venice, FL 2012


“Implant educators gave me a comprehensive balanced approach to treatment planning, treatment and surgeries. I just want to you to know what a special course it is The mentorship is beyond anything I’ve seen. Their dedication to us in the community is beyond that is required by this course. Also, the payment schedule made it something I could afford. I just want to thank you for making this part of the Continuing Education at University of Florida; it’s a tremendous program. Implant educators are seriously above any program I’ve attended and I have well over 500 hours of implant education. They teach things that others don’t. Thanks again for taking me under your wing. You are one of the most special mentors in my life. I will never forget the eager attitude to help each and every student; you guys keep it fun but professional. Thanks again!”

Tony DeNavarra, DMD. St. Petersburg, FL 2012


“Thank you for all the efforts you have given to the practice of dentistry. I can truthfully say that you have made a lasting implant in our profession. Imagine how many people will benefit from the time and energy you have put into this course. You have risen well and maintained integrity and humility. That is something to be admired.”

Julie Pizarro DMD. Port Charlotte, FL 2011


“I am impressed at the level of organization and follow-up communication Implant Educators provides.” 

Bill Kinzler. Seminole, FL 2011


“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and all the knowledge you shared with us. I used all the knowledge and skills you taught us and it all worked as planned. I have recommended your course to every person that has asked me.”

Malinally Garcia. Margate, FL 2011


“Thanks for a motivating, well-organized, informative presentation. Your enthusiasm is invigorating. You obviously know a lot and have experienced a lot but your desire to really serve your patients shines through. The great people I’ve met always realize that the more they learn, the more they know there is to learn. Keeps us all humble and ever searching for more truth.”

Linda Johnson Li DDS. Palm Harbor, FL 2011


“I want to say thank you for the new confidence I have had with implant consultations and placement. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Learning new things makes the practice of dentistry satisfying and fun.”

Laurie Johns-Stoutamire.  Orange Park, FL 2011


“I want to thank you for all your help you gave me personally by answering questions and helping me stay organized. You also helped create and maintain a positive environment for learning. Good job!”

Thomas C. Johnson, DMD, MAGD. Napa, CA 2011 



“Implant Educators training programs have the best hands on exercises of any course I’ve taken.”

Eric Shelly. West Chester, PA 2010


"Had a surgery this morning. Took out 12 teeth and did 9 socket grafts and it went very well. I owe it all to you guys. Thanks for all you do and have done for me and others. This case should pay for my course, my implant instruments and supplies once we finish it."

Dwight H. Pate. Auburndale, FL 2012


"Dear Dr. Ferguson, I did a couple of implants, using surgical stents. Went well. I have so much confidence and are stress free when I do implants now, like doing crowns. Thanks for the good curriculum."

Lilian S. Ong DDS, MAGD